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About Us

Meet the team


The doodler in charge of dreaming up new card designs, chief envelope purveyor & Netflix addict. Partial to spending far too much money on new shoes and handbags.


Chief print manager for all Dandelion products. Refuses to drink tea or coffee and has been known to gate-crash the odd wedding.


DIY genius in charge of buliding stands for trade shows - the Screwfix card was 100% based on Paul. Also loves a good spreadsheet.


IT boffin in charge of the snazzy digital printing equipment. Has finally been weaned off sugar in his coffee. Not at all like ‘Dwight’ from the American version of The Office


A really lovely lady who works hard packing Dandelion orders and getting them shipped out to our lovely customers. She makes a fab cup of tea, but does like to take credit for food that has actually been cooked by her other half


The office dog - everyones best friend, never short of a cuddle for anyone in the office, though never, ever leave your bacon sandwich unattended when Ted is around...